Trajecti Voces

Trajecti logo Trajecti Voces (Utrecht, 1989) is an active, semi-professional vocal ensemble, which performs both early and contemporary music. The core of the ensemble consists of 16 trained singers. They guarantee a consistent high vocal and musical quality and the distinctive Trajecti sound. Members and conductor strive to put annually three unusual projects together. The ensemble created in 1998 a theatrical performance (sung from memory!) of Bach's St John Passion, which Dirkjan Horringa conducted AND directed. In 2005 an unorthodox performance of Bach's St Matthew Passion was given in the Utrecht pop-palace 'Tivoli'. In 2008, the choir performed a theatrical show around the theme of alchemy at the time of the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II. In 2015 a performance was created around Mozart's membership of the Viennese Freemasons. A hypothetical lodge meeting to commemorate brother Mozart while performing his Masonic music was staged. The performance included his Ave Verum, his Masonic mourning music, parts of the Magic Flute and culminated in his Requiem.

Trajecti Voces rehearses on Tuesday evenings, mostly at the Pieterskerk, Pieterskerkhof 5, Utrecht.

Festina Lente

The project choir Festina Lente, located in Arnhem, strives for great musical quality, choral sound and expression. The choir focuses on participants from the wider area of Arnhem. Dirkjan Horringa is working with very advanced amateur singers and professional musicians. Solo's are often performed by choir members.

Project choir Festina Lente wants to specialize in works from Renaissance and Baroque and also makes trips to more contemporary music. Festina Lente will perform both spiritual and worldly music. The choir is always looking for special works and rarely performed music.

Festina Lente is a good level choir. The singers can sing independently and also color well with each other. That is why Festina Lente wants to work with a loyal solid core supported by a larger group of project singers. The permanent core is a group of singers who structurally connect with the Festina Lente projects. In addition, people are recruited from a pool of advanced singers per project.

Dirkjan Horringa is our conductor at Festina Lente. During the rehearsals we work hard on the quality of the music, the group sound and the use of the voice, in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. Festina Lente organizes projects 2 or 3 times a year.

Amer Consort

Amer Consort logo

The Amer Consort seeks the challenge in exciting classic choral music from very different periods, from medieval songs to contemporary works, both a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment of mostly young soloists musicians. Each program has a specific theme or musical cohesion, with classic works from different eras. Lesser known works are also brought to the attention of th eaudience. In 2014 the choir celebrated its 25th anniversary. This was celebrated with various musical activities including a Passion concert, a CD recording and a scratch.


PvP logo paars kleinPassieVoorPasen is a project choir consisting of experienced early music singers, which every year in Lent performs a particular passion composition. In 2005, visitors to Tivoli could enjoy Bach's Matthaeus Passion, with video images and subtitles. A recording of the concert can be viewed here. On Palm Sunday in 2006 a St. John's Passion was performed in the Utrecht Augustine Church. Light artist Olaf Donk created with theatre lighting a separate story line. In 2010 the rarely performed Matthaeus Passion by Johann Theile (1646-1724) was on the program. This passion is the first passion composition in the history of music with arias. In 2011 PassieVoorPasen performed the Matthaeus Passion of the German-Baltic composer Johann Valentin Meder (1649-1719).